А few words about me:

My name is Ivaylo Essenov.
Born in the most beautiful city in Bulgaria named Ruse.
Live in Sofia since April 2007.
Love the nature, chiefly the Seaside. The deserted Beach is my favorite place.
Sometimes I am on the other side of the camera.


My life is like a trip:
– mostly I travel by hitchhiking,
– usually arrive earlier than if I got the train,
– always arrive just in time.

Latest activities

16.02.2008 – Nomination in a national photo exhibition-competition “Kukerlandia” (Mummer festival in Yambol)

01.12.2007 – A page in a magazine.

12.11.2007 – Pictures in three more magazines and pictures in 2 advertising clips for television.

01.10.2007 – Pictures in magazine – two articles on four pages in October edition of “Go Guide”.

01.10.2007 – A picture in magazine (‘HARSH”).

09.09.2007 – Official photographer of DJ Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode) in Bourgas.

08.09.2007 – Official photographer of DJ Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode) in Kavarna.

24.02.2006 – Nomination in a national photo contest “There’s nothing better, than the bad weather” by photosynthesis.bg. The nominated pictures participated in a photo exhibition of the same name, from 10th to 18th march in SkySity, Sofia.

14.12.2006 – Participation in 16-th exhibition of photo-forum.net
The pictures were exposed in corridors of emergency medicine center “Pirogov” and they will stay there. The exhibition is a final of the photo contest “Moods”, witch lasted during october and november.

27.10.2006 – Exhibition on ethno theme in co-operation with organization “Save the Bulgarian”.

17.09.2006 – Participation in 15-th exhibition of photo-forum.net “The sights of Sofia City”. The pictures are exposed in the carriage of the metro for one year.

05.07.2006 – Two weeks long expedition with organization “Save the Bulgarian” in villages Chilnov and Shirokovo.